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Aside from providing direct services, supervising, and teaching, Dr. Elizabeth has been featured in various articles. Dr. Elizabeth has also published and presented locally, nationally, and internationally on topics related to relationships, culturally appropriate services, wellness, and mental health.
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Features, presentations, and publications

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Conference Presentation, Virginia Tech
Image by Imani Bahati
Insider: If you've ever lashed out against your abuser, it doesn't make you abusive — here's why
Forbes: 6 Ways To Practice Self-Love
Image by Surface
Everyday Health: Five ways travel is good for your mental health.
Image by Leone Venter
Insider:10 subtle but harmful patterns that indicate verbal abuse, according to therapists
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Shoutout Miami: Meet Elizabeth Jarquin | PhD, LMFT
Image by Jen P.
Self-care: Strategies for success
Workshop, Northcentral University
Image by Jen Theodore
Self-care strategies to prevent burnout
Presentation, Annual SEED Summit
Digital Book
Exploring the experiences of Central American immigrants in Florida
Family Therapy Supervision in Extraordinary Settings
Image by Kevin Bhagat
Guns, Grief, and Family Therapy: After School Shootings
Image by Prophsee Journals
Intervening in Larger Systems: When Traditional Therapy Is Not Enough
A culturally sensitive approach to therapy with Central American immigrants
Cute Notebooks
A guide for clinicians working with transgender clients in the Caribbean
Beyond Homophobia: Centering LBGT Experiences in the Caribbean
Image by Debby Hudson
Miami New Times: Let’s talk about relationships: The good, the bad, and the ways to stay safe
Image by Jen P.
A Solution-Focused and Narrative approach to working with domestic violence in Australia
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